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Buying or selling a home can often seem daunting. Nestiny Realty was created to simplify your journey to your next home. After all, few things are more important than "home". That's why our story first began with the creation of Nestiny.com to help empower millions of people by educating them on the ins and outs of real estate.

As a company of original thinkers, tech innovators and real estate experts, simplifying the journey to your next home really matters to us. We've assembled the most enlightened, caring Real Estate Agents right here in the Cincinnati area and they're ready to help you navigate the many facets of buying or selling a home.

We're also giving you free access to Nestiny, our first-of-its-kind, digital real estate learning experience. Now you can learn about all things real estate and in your local market, know what to expect every step of the way!

With our incredible Agents empowered with the best technology, you'll receive a personalized, modern and remarkable experience. And the sooner we get to meet you, the more we can help keep you stay on track towards your dream home. So don't be shy, feel free to reach out to one of our Agents today. They'd love to hear from you and help any way they can!

"Simplifying the journey to your next home really matters to us."

Our Leadership

Doug Annis

Principal Broker

Douglas Annis is a licensed broker in Ohio and has been helping his Real Estate clients buy and sell their homes for over 14 years.

His role at Nestiny Realty is to build an engaged community of Agents boosted by our proprietary technology which provides a revolutionary learning experience for their clients with original, ready-to-share content and interactive tools while giving a game-changing marketing and productivity platform to our Agents. His years of experience as both an Agent and Broker not only make him a believer in the power of the platform we've built from scratch knowing the challenges Agents face but also make him uniquely prepared to help our Agents succeed. His skills and recognition that Agents need better tools to modernize their businesses drives the growth in both Nestiny Realty offices in Cincinnati, Ohio and Richmond, Virginia as well as our expansion into other regions.

Douglas lives in Cincinnati and is a father to 5 beautiful children (three of which are triplet girls!). In his free time, he enjoys traveling and attending local concerts.

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Matt Lewis

Talent & Operations Manager

Matt Lewis is a licensed REALTOR in Virginia and leads our Agent development and recruiting efforts for both Richmond, Virginia and Cincinnati, Ohio with our Broker.

He takes pride in building true and lasting relationships with colleagues, and brings years of experience in hiring, training, and supporting co-workers. With a software and real estate background, Matt loves to create and enrich systems that help people do their job well. Even in today’s technology-driven world, he’s never forgotten the power of the traditional and very personal approach to coaching and supporting others. However, he believes that the right technology has the power to save time, boost efficiency and expand an Agent's market reach.

At home, Matt loves to teach his four-year-old boy about life and realizes he’s learning just as much from his son. He and his wife eat at new restaurants as often as possible and he tries to cook similar meals for his family on the weekends. Sometimes, their dog Woody, is the only willing diner. He plays the drums and likes to pick up other instruments, pretending he knows how to play them too.

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